Thank you guys so so so so much! I've hit 100 followers, so I'm definitely going to do a giveaway like I promised. It went by really quick...actually I didn't notice until my 100th follower left me a comment...thanks Arie :)

I went out this week to check out some things for the giveaway and this is what I have so far, but I'm still looking for more items. Couple of Orly nail polishes, LA Colors art deco nail art polish, Sally Hansen crystal file, a bunch of fimo nail canes and a set of decorated fake nail tips. I don't know what else to get or how I want to split the prizes...maybe one biggun and a couple of mini prizes? I don't know yet. I'm too tired to think right now :P Hopefully I'll have have the giveaway deets posted before the weekend finishes.

And I'm so sorry, I really wanted to show you guys a set of nails that I decorated, but I can't find them! And they're sitting in my nail decorating box which I can't find and I've been going nuts looking for it all evening. **sigh** I'll put those pics up when I find them.

On another note, I was going back and forth on comments with London's-Beauty (hey girl!) about base coats since I asked about your suggestions. Our conversations made me realize that up until recently, I never really knew what a base coat was for. Oh and thanks for all the suggestions by the way! I think I'll go with Orly when I finish my Essie one.

Do you guys know why a base coat is important when it comes to napplying nail polish? Cuz seriously, up until this nail course I didn't. A lot of people have told me that it wasn't necessary and they're right, but it does help. I just thought it was an extra step, I figured it was important in some way but I never bothered to find out. Okay, so base coats contain more resin than a regular coloured polish, so it creates a tacky finish so coloured polishes will adhere better. Oh and it prevents dark or red polish from yellowing or staining your natural nails. (<--I got that from studying. lol) So definitely not a step you HAVE to take, but if you want your polishes to stay put, base coat, 2 coats of coloured polish and a top coat. Apparantly. haha, there's a free lesson :)

On a completely irrelevant subject, I'm having a blog sale on some makeup if you guys want to check it out. It's a 2 part blog sale, so you can click here for blog sale part 1 and click here for blog sale part 2. Thanks for checking it out in advance :)

Okay guys, hopefully I'll find those nails and I'll get back to you when I have all the giveaway details chiseled out. G'nite!

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