Sprayed manicure


I have another fun way to create a splatter manicure to share with you. Instead of using a straw and blow inside it to splatter polish onto your nails (see here), you can use a sample perfume bottle to spray the polish onto your nails!
I have to give credits to the Manicurator for the idea of the sprayer. Go and have a look at what she achieved because it's gorgeous! And the idea of using a mini perfume bottle goes to Claudia from Nailing This!

This is my first attempt at a sprayed manicure and I was in a hurry so it's not perfect and I will have to try it again to achieve a better result but I was really excited to share this technique!!

I'll first show you the final result and then explain how I did it.
I started with one coat of Essie No Place Like Chrome and then sprayed a pink color (Claire's, no name).

Then I sprayed a second color, black (Fatal by essence). The middle finger doesn't look pretty but, as I said, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to redo it (although I should have!).

What do you think? Would you do something like that?

I personally had a lot of fun doing it and what is nice is that you don't use so much polish if you use a mini sample bottle perfume. And it's quite easy to do!
So here is the tuotorial!

You will need:
  • A base color (Essie No Place Like Chrome)
  • A second color to spray on your base color (Claire's, no name)
  • Some polish thinner
  • A sample perfume bottle (~5 mL)
  • And some scotch tape to protect your cuticles and skin while spraying.
Start by painting your nails with your base color. Wait until it's dry. Then, add some drops of pink polish in the sample perfume bottle. You can see on the picture below how much polish I used for 4 nails. I didn't put much in it because I was not sure if it will work. However, I would recommand putting more polish in the bottle because it's a bit annoying if you lack some polish while spraying.
Then I added about 5 drops of polish thinner. The more thinner you add, the easier it will be to have a uniform spray. The generated drops will also get smaller. Before spraying on your nails, try on a paper to see how the spray is. If the polish doesn't come out of the bottle nicely, add some thinner, and try again. When you're happy with the type of obtained spray, you can start spraying on your nails.
The amount of polish I used for 4 nails. To this amount, I added about 5 drops of polish thinner.
You can start again with another color. As the perfume bottle is tiny, it's easy to clean it up with acetone or ethanol.
And here you are!
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Happy Birthday, Andreia!

Yay~ Today is Andreia's birthday and I wanted to wish her a wonderful day!

Andreia is the writer of 10tubes and one of the organizers, together with Odile Sacoche, of the Sunday Nail Battle! Odile had the idea to celebrate Andreia's birthday in a special fashion. All Andreia's friends should wish her a happy birthday at the very same time! So here we are :D

Aujourd'hui c'est l'anniversaire d'Andreia et je tenais à lui souhaiter un très bon anniversaire et une magnifique journée!
Andreia est la bloggeuse de 10tubes et l'une des organisatrices, avec Odile Sacoche, des Sunday Nail Battles. Odile a eu l'idée de fêter l'anniversaire d'Andreia d'une façon un peu spéciale en postant toutes sur notre propre blog un "happy birthday" en même temps!

I chose to wear an Essie polish because I know she likes this brand a lot!
J'ai décidé de porter un vernis Essie parce que je sais que tu adores cette marque, Andreia!

It's Essie Your Hut Or Mine (Essie Resort Collection Summer 2011), a beautiful pink coral with salmon undertones and a gorgeous shimmer! On the pictures, I'm wearing 2 easy coats! I love this polish!!

Et encore une fois, bon anniversaire, Andreia! et merci pour l'organisation des fameuses SNB!!
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Materials Used:
Special polish Gold
Image Plate A54
stud gold and black

Hope you like it! God Bless

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Shimmer Polish (part 2)


I shared some pictures of Shimmer polishes some days ago and told you it was part 1. So today, I'll show you the other polishes I got. If you missed my previous post, you can click here to see it.
Again, I used only 1 coat of glitter over a base color. If you want more opacity, you will need three coats to get full opactiy. Each polish is packed with tons of glitters!

Jasmine is a mixture of aquamarine glitters with addition of light copper and red glitters. I layered it over Lancôme Aquamarine. I'll show you swatches of Aquamarine in a next post. The glitters are suspended in a clear base.

Jennifer is a mixture of pastel light blue, pink, and copper glitters. I layered it over OPI I Have A Herring Problem. The glitters are suspended in a clear base.

Leslie is a mixture of different shades of blue, lavender, and some red and green glitters. I layered it over essence Into the Dark. The glitters are suspended in a clear base.

Natalie is a mixture of dusty blue, gold, and copper glitters. I layered it over Chanel Quartz. The glitters are suspended in an almost clear base, it's slightly grey tinted.

Nichole is a mixture of red, silver, and blue glitters. I layered it over Essie Your Hut or Mine. The glitters are suspended in a clear base.

And finally, Wendy is a mixture of copper, purple, and turquoise glitters.I layered it over Illamasqua Stance. The glitters are suspended in a slightly purple tinted base so it changes a little the color of Stance.

And here is a small summary of the polishes I showed you today :D

I have the same general opinion and thoughts about these 6 polishes as for the 6 others Shimmer polishes I reviewed the other day. What impressed me is that there are so many glitters in a single bottle. You don't need to go fishing for the glitters but with already one coat (what I showed you here), you have a good coverage.
The formula of the polishes were great. They are packed with so many glitters that you can get full opacity at 3 coats. The glitters are easy to apply.

I've noticed also that each glitter will look really different depending on which polish you use as a base color. I think it's a great thing because with one polish you can  achieve different looks. You can also do some glitter gradients, applying them only on the tips. So these polishes are quite versatile, which is very interesting!

Among these 6 polishes, my aboslute favorite is Leslie! I love the lavender glitters in it! I also love Nichole because the mixture of red and blue glitters works really well. I also love the colors in Jennifer. Wendy has also super pretty purple glitters but with the base color I chose, you can't see them really well. However, they should pop against a black or darker base.

If you like glitters but are afraid of removing them, you can use essence peel off base coat to remove them super easily. See my post here. In this post, I used the peel off base coat, which is part of a limited edition but now this base coat is part of the regular essence range. Some people use PVA glue instead, but I didn't do any research myself to check if it's safe....You can see an example here.

Purchase info
Shimmer polishes can be purchased from Shimmer Polish shop. Each polish costs $12. You can also ask for customized polishes, which are $15. You can follow Shimmer Polish on Facebook.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) provided by the company for my honest review*
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