Light As A Feather: White Holo!


Oh my! I've got some amazing polishes to show in my upcoming posts. It's Glitter Gal polishes!
The first of my series is a gorgeous white holo called Light As A Feather.

Isn't that great...a white holo? I've always thought white holo was impossible to get because the holo particles are generally of course, this is not a completely true white but it's really close to it. It's a light greyish white, should I say.

The holo effect is especially noticeable in the sun or under artificial light, it's not the strongest holo that Glitter Gal has made (maybe because more holo pigment would have turned this pretty whitish polish into it's a balance you have to respect, I guess). Anyway, it's super pretty and classy. And it has entered my top 5 polishes!


 Final verdict: This polish is really exceptional. It's the first time I've seen a white linear holo. The color is also really classy and work appropriate IMO but it gives your nails a really nice fashion touch. Application was great, no need special base coat. I needed 3 coats to get full opacity. Top coat doesn't seem to dull the holo effect. So this is a great quality polish with an elegant and fun touch at the same time. 

Glitter Gal polishes can be purchased at llarowe. This is the US stockist for Glitter Gal, Ozotic, and A England polishes, 3 awesome nail polishes brands.They sell internationally.

*Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*
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Easy flower design on your nails!


Today, I'll do a review a sample I received from the Chinese online store called "KKcenterHK". It's a shop specialized in nail art products but also make up, false lashes and so on. Concerning nail art, they have some stamping image plates, water decals, glitters, stickers, and polishes (OPI, Zoya).

I was invited to chose between nail patches and full nail art water decals by the brand  X&D. I chosed the water decals because I've always been curious about them but I must admit I was a little afraid of trying water decals. I was scared the application would be diffcult and messy and the patterns would not stick to the nails perfectly...

Here is the result.

Finally it wasn't that difficult to use. Application was rather easy. I first thought I would have to cut the pattern to fit my nails but in the end I just used them as they were and it was all right, I think.
I was lucky but if your nails are larger or thinner than the pattern, this might be an issue and discourage you from using water decals. I didn't resized them but I guess this would be a little difficult...not unmanagable but a little difficult.
On these pictures I didn't use any top coat but I tried adding a layer of top coat after my photo session and it helped setting the pattern on the nails. However you have to be careful not to touch your nails before it's competely dry otherwise the pattern will get damaged (I did that on one nail...).

Final Verdict: In the end, I was quite happy with this product because you can get very easily and quickly a very nice pattern on your nails. However, I'm still a little scared it won't last very long (although I didn't do a lasting power experiment). So I will rather use this kind of products for a particular occasion when I want to have stylish nails with some fun designs!
Another alternative would be to use a water decal on only one nail as an accent nail...I guess I would wear more water decals in this way.

 And you, what do you think of water decals? Have you ever tried? Are you willing to?

 This set of water decals can be purchased at KKcenterHK for $4.50. There are 10 decals per package. This is a little sad because this means you cannot mess a single nail...unless you've decided to use them as accent nails rather.
There are instructions written in English at the back. Basically, you have to cut the image you want to use, peel off the plastic foil that is on the water decal. Then take it with a tweezer and put it in water for 10 sec. After this step, you can peel of the decal from its support, place it on your nails, expel the air bubble ,smooth it on your nail, and trim down the excess of pattern. Apply a top coat and you're done!
You can  follow this tuorial by Delaney. It's in French but no need to understand because you have the images!

 *Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*
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Patchwork naills

Hi there~

This is a quick post to show you what I've done for PAA's Monday challenge. The theme was "patchwork nails". I didn't have much time to do it but that's what I came with.

This is 2 coats of Nubar Honeysuckle. You can see my review for this polish here. It's a bright pink cream. I kept this polish for 3 days and then added a small deco on it. I applied a thin coat of Nfu Oh 83, a glitter pink polish...but unfortunately we don't see anything here...I'll have to do a better combo to show this Nfu Oh's true value! Next step involved the tape technique. I cut 2 pieces of tape for each nail and covered the pink place in the above picture with these pieces of tape. Then I polished my nails with Essence - Style For Summer Nights, a silver polish with foil finish. And finally I added white lines with a small brush.

Nubar nail polishes can be bought at or
 *Product in this post was sent by the company/PR for my honest review*
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We have a winner!

Hello my dears!

I hope everyone has been fine these days. Today is a special day because the winner of my Catrice Out Of Space giveaway has been chosen!

Congratulations to AnGeLiQuE who won these 4 polishes!
I will be emailing you. Be sure to respond within 48h, please or another winner will be chosen.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway!There were 392 participants!

And I've just noticed I've reached 500 I be preparing something else....?

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Something Special

Hi guys,
I removed my recent acrylic nails... I'm so inlove and I really like my new nail extension which came from bornpretty. I received a lot of compliments when they saw it.. It perfecly curved in C shape. Thank you very much bornpretty store! If you like to buy nail art stuffs you can visit their site by clicking HERE. 
You can buy this nail tip for only $4.95 you will also get 10% percent discount just by typing the code MAEJ61..

indoor shot
outdoor shot


I want to thank my husband who's always there for me.. He supported me in everything and even with my hobbies. I have always been fascinited with photography.. Guess what..
he gave me a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera as a special gift.. I really like it.. thanks bhabhe and I love you very much! :)
Some of my shots.. ☺
cold water
Our vintage NIKON L135 AF 1984 camera,
originally owned by Steven Seagal (given to my husband's cousin by steven seagal way back 80's still functioning. =)
Jamir holding
Our vintage NIKON L135 AF 1984 camera.
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Blue Addicted and Giveaway closed!


Have you head about the new Essence Colour&Go collection? They have released a bunch of new mini nail polishes! You can see all the new colors here.

I'm quite excited to present this polish today because it is said to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe, a polish released for Fall 2010.

So here are the pictures of "Blue Addicted".

This is a dark blue jelly packed with small blue glitters and large green and blue hex glitters!
It looks spectacular on the nails. Very shiny and festive but with a kind of dramatic dimension due to the dark base.

Final verdict: This is a very ocean-like polish...with its deep blue jelly and moreover you have the bling bling of the glitters that gives a more festive aspect to this polish. It is believed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe. I don't have this polish but from what I've seen, they seem indeed really really close. The major difference is their price, I guess. Across The Universe costs $18 (for 15 mL) while Blue Addicted is around $2 (for 5mL)!
The application of Blue Addicted was a little tricky because the polish is rather thick but this is not something unmanageable. As it's a jelly, it needs 3 coats to be fully opaque.
Overall, I think it's a very nice polish that Essence launched and I'm very happy to see they make really trendy polish for also a nice price.

Is there any polishes from this new line you're interested in?

And another thing...

My Catrice Out Of Space Giveaway is now closed. I would like to sincerely thank all my followers because you are just amazing! thank you so much for reading, commenting and enjoying my blog! and wow, I nearly have 500 followers now...should I be preparing something for when I reach this new milestone?...
The winner will be chosen randomly soon! So stay tuned!
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Beauty Blogazon Roundup Roundup 9/18/11‏

Here is a my weekly post to highlight different great blogs that all share their love for beauty products!
Go and check them out ;D

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Disclaimer: This blog list was edited by Aprill Coleman and shared through her group "The Beauty Blogazons".

PS You can also check my page at the top of my blog for the currently and previous roundups.
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Scandal nail polishes!

Hi there~

Some time ago, I showed you a very interesting "Scandal" polish. You can read my post about it and look at its swatches there.
I found more information about this brand so I wanted to share this with you.
Also, I'll swatch soon 2 other Scandal polishes I bought. You can already have a look at the bottles. The dark green seems gorgeous! I can't wait to try it.

Scandal nail polishes Green Pearl - Mirage Pink - Dynamic Pink.

 So these polishes are from the Korean brand "Scandal". It's a cosmetic brand that sells all kind of cosmetics (make up, body care, nail care and polishes).
The first time I saw these lovely bottles of nail polish, I thought they were an imitation of Nfu Oh because the bottles are so alike. By the way, I did a bottle comparison in my post about Mirage Pink. So I thought their quality might be not that good. But I was totally wrong. The 3 polishes I have are a really dream! The application is great and the color, texture and finish of each polish is just breathtaking.
So I searched the net for more information and found some pictures of their main polishes. They have 4 different categories of polishes (the gold, silver and black lines are all corset-bottles and a another one with a more conventional bottle shape). I don't really know why there is a gold, silver and black line...When I bought mine in Seoul, the seller just told me the price was different according to the cap color...this is true for the Korean websites but on international websites that sell Scandal polishes, all gold, silver and black are the same price (btw more expensive than the Korean websites).

The different polishes

I lent the pictures from and You can also buy polishes from them but as these sites are in Korean it might be a little difficult and I don't know if they sell internationally (the 2nd don't, I haven't checked for dr-angus). But I'll give you another link in 5 sec.
Technical Part
I found the following info on (again it's just in Korean....and my Korean skills are limited so I apologize if there are some mistakes...but it should be all right :p).
Scandal nail polishes contain: butyl acetate, ethyacetate, nitrocellulose, phtalicanhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycols stearalkonium hectorite, silicadi methyl skyliate, dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, benzophenone-1, ethyl, alcool, citric acid, mica, bismuth oxychloride, aluminium lake, tocopheryl acetate.
These ingredients are for the 4th line of polishes (more conventional bottle shape). For the others, there are special ingredients (coral powder, rose hip oil).
Bottle size: 15 mL.
They also claim they have a special fabrication process that is called "micro high dispersion (MHD)". This system allows them to have high shine and high quality polishes.
They also use a "Sucrose  Polish  Agent" that makes it easier to have a uniform layer of polish and a higher stabiliy of the polish solution. It also increases the brightness of the color film.
They also use some coral powder that contains magnesium, calcium and potassium salts that protect and give you healthy nails.
Finally their polishes also contain rose hip oil. This oil is supposed to have beneficial effects on the skin. It improves skin quality and appearance for example. This oil as a high content of unsaturated essential fatty acids, namely linoleic acid (47%), linolenic acid (33%). These fatty acids help to nourish and maintain a healthy skin. Rose hip oil is also supposed to strengthen and moisturize the nails, and stimulate their growth if you massage them with the pure oil.

All Scandal polishes are formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) free.

Where you can buy:
Nailissima: this is a French website but they sell internationally (shipping costs: 5.5€ to France, 15.9€ for international shipping)
Banzailiving: a US website, don't sell internationally, USA only (shipping costs: if you buy for <$20: $7.50, between $20-$75: $9.99, $75-$150: $13.99, $150-$200: $15.99, >$200: free)
Korean sites: Kissnail, Domaeya, Kimmyshow, ....

I hope this post will help people interested in this brand.
Are there any Scandal polishes you're interested in?
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Oops, my nails are on fire!


Yay. I'm very happy to present you a gorgeous polish. This is Nfu Oh 45. This polish is also a polish I brought back from Seoul. As you probably know, Nfu Oh is a very famous Korean brand that has some gorgeous holo and flakies polishes!
If you want to see my Nfu Oh haul, click here and there for my post about the Nfu Oh headquarter in Seoul.

Nfu Oh 45 3 coats over OPI Pandamonium Pink

Nfu Oh 45 is part of the Shiny Opal collection. This means it has lots of gorgeous and beloved flakies.
It's a deep, rich and vibrant orange jelly with red undertones.

The surface is very smooth.

The flakies flash orange and also some yellow. This is polish is super bright and vibrant. It's very shiny and sparkles a lot.

Final verdict: OMG! This polish is amazing. It's not for the shies! It's such a bright and vibrant orange jelly packed with gorgeous flakies. It has literally set my nails on fire.
It's rather sheer. So I layered it over a light pink (OPI Pandamium Pink). I tried also to layer it over a red polish and it made Nfu Oh 45 look redder. It brings its red side out (cf close up picture).
I used 3 coats of Nfu Oh 45 because I think it gives more depth to the a 3D pattern.

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Ancient Pattern Nail art

Hi guys, when I woke up this morning I'm very excited to make a mani using my new image plates.. Here's what I came up with..I used XL image plate "C" for my design. I named it "ANCIENT PATTERN" I really like the color I used in my NOTD. Usually, ancient designs are represented by dark shades, I made mine a brighter, and lighter one...

Here are the 3 nail polishes that I bought last week. The bottles are very cute! ♥
Materials used:
Some nail art that I forgot to post last week.. hehehe
My youngest son turned 1 year and 10 months old yesterday! He's very cute right?!!
Hope you like them! God Bless you all!

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