Oops, my nails are on fire!


Yay. I'm very happy to present you a gorgeous polish. This is Nfu Oh 45. This polish is also a polish I brought back from Seoul. As you probably know, Nfu Oh is a very famous Korean brand that has some gorgeous holo and flakies polishes!
If you want to see my Nfu Oh haul, click here and there for my post about the Nfu Oh headquarter in Seoul.

Nfu Oh 45 3 coats over OPI Pandamonium Pink

Nfu Oh 45 is part of the Shiny Opal collection. This means it has lots of gorgeous and beloved flakies.
It's a deep, rich and vibrant orange jelly with red undertones.

The surface is very smooth.

The flakies flash orange and also some yellow. This is polish is super bright and vibrant. It's very shiny and sparkles a lot.

Final verdict: OMG! This polish is amazing. It's not for the shies! It's such a bright and vibrant orange jelly packed with gorgeous flakies. It has literally set my nails on fire.
It's rather sheer. So I layered it over a light pink (OPI Pandamium Pink). I tried also to layer it over a red polish and it made Nfu Oh 45 look redder. It brings its red side out (cf close up picture).
I used 3 coats of Nfu Oh 45 because I think it gives more depth to the flakies...like a 3D pattern.

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