Estée Lauder - Pure Red


I have another awesome Estée Lauder polish to show you!
A few days ago, I shared some pictures of Love Bite, a gorgeous red-pink polish that is part of the new Estée Lauder collection, "The Reds". If you missed the post, you can find it HERE. As I previously told you, this new collection is made of 5 polishes with different tones of red. You can read the preview here.
Pure Red is the only one from this collection that is not a limited edition. It is also part of the regular Estée Lauder range.


Final verdict: Pure Red is a gorgeous red polishes. It's really a "pure" red hue, without any blue or pink in it. It's very bright, vibrant, and eye-catching. As soon as I entered my office on Monday, my colleague noticed my nails and said "wow, your nails look gorgeous!". This will probably looks a bit funny but I'm feeling full of power when I wear this polish. It's interesting how a nail polish can have such importance on a whole look. You look more elegant and feminine when you wear red polishes in my opinion! A polish can completely change your allure!
Similiarly to Love Bite, application was smooth and comfortable thanks to the nice brush and awesome formula. It also dries to a very shiny and glossy finish. The polish has a good pigmentation, it can be opaque in 1 coat. However here I used 2 coats.
It's the third Estée Lauder polish I try and I must say I really love their formula, quality, and range of colors! If you have never tried any Estée Lauder polishes, I suggest you have a closer look at them because they are really wonderful!
Purchase info:
Estée Lauder polishes can be purchased from autorized retailers for which you can find a list on Estée Lauder official website. For Switzerland, you can find them here.
You can also follow Estée Lauder on Facebook.
*Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*
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essence Twilight Breaking Dawn: swatches

I am super excited to share some pictures of the new essence trend edition called "Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2"! I don't know if you're a Twilight fan but for me, I wasn't interested in this phenonemon until recently when I was searching for a book to read in the train and came across the first volum of the saga. I wasn't so into it at first but after reading some chapters, I really got interested and that's why I was really excited when I heard essence was launching a Twilight theme collection! At the moment I am reading the last book, I'm nearly at the end, and am looking forward to seeing the last movie!

I bought the 4 polishes from this collection plus the red lipgloss (Renesmee Red), which is fantastic by the way and I might get back to take the blush because it's matte and red and I'd like to use it as an eyeshadow to make a vampire look :D

Let's start with Jacob's Protection. It's a black base polish filled with tones of blue flecks. There are also some other colored flecks. It's a gorgeous polish but unfortunately application was a real pain because the polish is really, really thick. Normally, I don't mind thick polishes but here, it made the application really difficult. I nearly wanted to give up. I added 5 drops of thinner, but it  was still too thick. I will have to try to add more and perhaps I'll enjoy it more this way. Note that the brush is the wide brush similar to the new Catrice brushes and, with a polish with such a consistency, it didn't help in applying a nice and even coat. I used 2 coats.

Alice Had A Vision – Again is the purple sister of Jacob's Protection. The base is a deep and dark purple and it is filled with mainly purple flecks but also green and blue ones. The formula on this one was better, still a bit too thick but manageable. I used 2 coats here and wore it for one week without any chips! So its lasting power is great but its drying time was a bit longer than most polishes.

Edward’s Love is a black base polish filled with tons of silver flecks. Like for the other polishes, there are also some random flecks of different colors. The polish was also a bit too thick, similar to Alice Had A Vision - Again, but manageable. However, the brush was not even and a bit fluffy and it was thus a bit difficult to apply. I used 2 coats.

And the last one is A Piece Of Forever, a very warm and yellow gold. I have absolutely nothing similar in my stash and honestly I purchased it only because it was part of this collection. It's prone to show brush stokes but it's not so dramatic. Once it was on my nails, I was surprised at how much I loved it! The formula was the thinnest of the 4 polishes of this collection and was rather good. I used 2 coats. I didn'tr try it but I've heard from the Parokeets that it works for stamping! Once I have some free time, I'll try that :D

Final verdict: As I have already mentioned, the polishes look absolutely gorgeous! They fit the Twilight theme very much, they are dark, mysterious and beautiful. A Piece Of Forever is a bit different but it probably symbolizes the bright passion, all sparkly and pretty :D My favorite is Alice Had A Vision -Again! I absolutely love the purple base and all the gorgeous flecks in it. Jacob's Protection is also beautiful and would probably have been my favorite if its formula was better. I was a bit disapointed because of that espcially since normally essence polishes have good formula and are easy to work with.
Purchase info:
Essence nail polishes are sold in drugstores in Europe. If you live in Germany, Austria , Spain or Switzerland, you can search for a store that sells Essence polishes here.
You can like and follow essence on Facebook.
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Lancôme spam


I have a few Lancôme products I love to share with you today. As you certainly already know, this year  Lancôme launched a new line of polishes, called Vernis in Love, with enhenced formula and a new brush. I've already showed you Bleu de Flore in a previous post and told you how much I love this polish! Today, I'll show you 2 other Lancôme polishes!

First one is called 453 Infusion de Prune. It's part of the new Lancôme Limited Edition for fall 2012, Midnight Roses.

Infusion de Prune is a gorgeous dark plum creme, perfect for fall. It's not too dark, there are even some raspberry undertones that make it very lively! For me, it's the perfect plum color for fall! The polish is well pigmented, you could nearly go away with one coat but I did 2 to make it perfect. Application was a real dream, it applied like butter and the brush is really convenient for a quick and clean application!
And the second polish I'd like to show you is 501B Aquamarine. I was lucky to win this polish in a contest I took part some time ago!! This polish is part of the standard Lancôme polish range.
Aquamarine is a teal creme. Blue is more prononced than green in this pretty creme and I have nothing similar or even close to it. It has a lot of depth and it is very eye-catching! It's such a gorgeous color! I sincerely love it!! Application was the same as for Infusion de Prune, perfect!
I have here a very quick comparison of Aquarmarine and some China Glaze that I thought would be close to it but as you can see they are all different. The China Glaze are more green-toned. All the polishes together could make a great skittle mani!!
I did a full review on Bleu de Flore here. Basically, I said I loved this polish! I forgot to add that it stains your nails if you do not wear a base coat! I didn't notice it because when I wore it, I used a base coat and it was fine, but some days ago, I used it as a base color for a glitter combo I wanted to swatch and skipped the base don't do this, always wear a base coat when you use this polish and you won't have any problems!
And finally, I wanted to show 2 lipsticks, also by Lancôme, that I truly love.
The first one is also part of the gift I received from Lancôme as a prize for the contest. It's called 351B Rose des Soupirants. In the tube, it looks very red but one the lips, it's more of a medium pink with some red undertones. It enhances the natural color of the lips and gives a very natural look. It doesn't dry the lips and it is very, very comfortable to wear. It stays on the lips for a few hours, you may want to apply it again after eating or drinking but I was honestly quite pleased with its lasting power.
And the second one is part of the Limited Edition Roseraie des Délices (Spring 2012) and is called 314 Rose Candy. Rose Candy is a "Le French Touch" lipstick and promises a gourmand color and bare lips senstation.
I was lucky to find this lipstick in a clearance bag a few weeks ago. And when I first saw it, I was a bit shocked at how bright it looked, almost a neon pink! Out of curiousity, I tried it on my hand and was surprised at how sheer it applied!! It left just a very light and sheer pink tone and this is something I absolutely love for lipsticks! So I took it home and I absolutely do not regret! I always carry it in my purse now and it's my absolute favorite lipstick! It's almost like a colored balm because it's very moisturizing and it leaves a very nice soft color on your lips, something that just brings your lips to life without doing too much. It's a great product for everyday life!
Le French Touch lipsticks, if I'm not wrong, are not part of the permanent range of Lancôme lipsticks. They just pop up in some limited edition collections. So if you like sheer, very comfortable, moisturizing lipsticks with light texture, keep an eye on Lancôme limited editions :D
What do you think of Lancôme polishes and lipsticks? Have you already tried them?
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Estée Lauder - Love Bite

Do you remember me talking about the new Estée Lauder collection called "The Reds"? If you don't, you can have a look at the preview here. It's a collection made of 5 polishes in different tones of red: a bright red (Pure Red), a fire red (Le Smoking), a dark red (Fallen Angel), a fuchsia (Beautiful Liar), and  a pink (Love Bite).
I got 2 polishes from this collection: Love Bite and Pure Red and I'll be showing you Love Bite in this post.

0.3 FL. OZ. Liq. / 9 mL
Final verdict: Love Bite is a red creme with pink undertones. On the above pictures, I used 2 easy coats of polish. Application was smooth and comfortable thanks to the nice brush and awesome formula. It dries to a very shiny and glossy finish, which can almost make you think it's a jelly, but it's not, it's a creme with a very good pigmentation. I wore it last weekend and really enjoyed how nice and pretty it looked. Doesn't it remind you of a candy? it looks so yummy~

Purchase info:
Estée Lauder polishes can be purchased from autorized retailers for which you can find a list on Estée Lauder official website. For Switzerland, you can find them here.
You can also follow Estée Lauder on Facebook.
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review*
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3D Flower Design


I have 2 reviews in one post today! One for KKCenterHK and one for Born Pretty Store.

The polish I used for this manicure is Myviven Nail Lacquer Pure Color Collection in Lavender Purple (NC 35). It's a medium purple crelly, i.e., a jelly-creme hybrid. I used 2 coats and pictures are shown without top coat. As you can see it's quite glossy!
I must confess I was a bit on the fence with this polish before trying it because I had never heard of this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised because the formula was nice and I love the fact it's almost a jelly. It looks so yummy that I will wear it again ;D I really love the look of it!
French Anucure! :D and the ingredients.

And the other product I wanted to share with you today is a set of flower decoration items. The flowers come in a nail wheel and there are 12 different patterns. You get duplicate or triplacate of most of the flowers, except for the big edelweiss, for which you get only one sample. The flowers are flexible because they are made of plastic. This is very useful to place them correctly onto your nails since they can follow the curvature of your nails, stick well, and stay in place longer.

To match my polish I decide to go for the purple flower. I used nail glue directly on the back of the flower and pressed it on my nail. As I said, it's great the flower is flexible because it can fit nicely to your nail. I didn't keep it for very long but I'm pretty sure you can easily wear it a couple of days without any issues. If you're careful, you won't need to destroy the flower when you take it off and you'll be able to reuse it again.
Note that these flowers, although they stick very well on the nails, are not flat, they are 3D decorations. You can also use them to decorate your cell phone or other items :D

Purchase info
You can purchased the polish featured in this post from KKCenterHK HERE and it costs $9.00. There are a lot of other colors if you're interested. Up to 0.25 kg, shipping is $3.88 wordwide.
The flowers can be purchased from Born Pretty Store HERE and cost only $2.94. Shipping is free worldwide!
Both shops have a lot of different nail art items! 
For KKCenterHK, you can use my coupon code nailderellanails to get 10% off your order.
For Born Pretty Store, you can use my coupon code AB5X31 to get 10% off your order.

I've also placed these coupon codes at the very bottom of my blog page, under the "Shops & Coupons" sections.
 *Product(s) in this post was(were) sent for my honest review* 
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