Make-up Session + Nailart

Make up session with my cousin Joyce and my sister Moelyn.Yesterday was the last day of a long weekend vacation (due to official holidays). I called my cousin Joyce yesterday and told her to come over to our house. Just for fun, we had a make up session (cosmetics), then took pictures of ourselves afterwards. Yay, tomorrow is already the 1st day of September. Two more months before Halloween.. We're so excited... I guess our excitement is very evident judging by our make up! Hehehe... here's the outcome of our fun and daring make up session!. I'm not a pro when it comes to make up application but I did my best... I find it relaxing and fun because I really like it..

Btw, I also made a mani for my friend rose.. :D
Hope you guys like them! God Bless
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Zoya Mimi vs Catrice Forget Me Not - Dupe?

Hi there~

Today I have a comparison post between 2 lovely purple polishes: Mimi (Zoya) and Forget Me Not (Catrice). In the following text, I'll use the abbreviation FMN for Forget Me Not.
I previously swatched Mimi here and did a Zoya purple comparison there.

Both of them are royal purple with microglitters.

Forget Me Not is on my index and middle finger and Mimi on my ring finger (3rd nail from the left).

Honestly it's very very hard to see any difference between FMN and Mimi. However, when you apply the first layer of polish, you can spot some pink microglitters in Mimi that you don't have in FMN. In FMN you rather have some silver microglitters which are slightly smaller than Mimi's. Nevertheless the overwhole effect (color) is nearly the same in both polishes. Even in sunlight, you can't really tell the difference between them. This tiny difference in glitters (pink vs silver) is no more visible when you apply a 2nd coat of polish.

The main difference between them is the opacity. FMN is more opaque. On this picture I used 2 coats for both polishes. You can clearly see that you have some visible nail line with Mimi (2 coats) while FMN is totally opaque.
However, if you apply 3 coats of Mimi, look at what you get.

Can you see any differences here? Forget Me Not (Catrice) is on my index and middle finger and Mimi (Zoya) on my ring finger and pinkie.

So finally I would say that FMN and Mimi are really close. From a color and texture point of view, I would say they are identical. In my opinion, the only difference lay in their opacity. FMN is more opaque. Application was easy with both polishes.
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Beauty Blogazon Roundup Roundup 21-27‏ August

Here is a my weekly post to highlight different great blogs that all share their love for beauty products!
Go and check them out ;D

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Disclaimer: This blog list was edited by Aprill Coleman and shared through her group "The Beauty Blogazons".

PS You can also check my page at the top of my blog for the currently and previous roundups. 
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Fishing Trip + NOTD

Last saturday (a rainy one at that), we went to my cousin's fishpond, we had fun fishing while on a small canoe... We also picked some calamansi... Jaem and Jamir were very happy and really enjoyed their bonding moment with ian and aian. They loved playing in the water. We had "lugaw" (congee), and "inihaw na isda" (grilled fish) for lunch.. :) We really had a great time!!

sally hansen "first blush"

china glaze "happy go lucky"

brown special polish

sally hansen base + top coat

BM20 image plate
Fishing bait
ants house
My lil' sister
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200 Follower Giveaway: Catrice LE Out of Space Collection (CLOSED)



I can't believe I already have 200 followers (even 205 now)! Sharing my passion with you, dear followers and readers, is one of my greatest joy and I'm happy to see that what I do interest some people. Thanks to my regular followers that leave lovely comments that always cheer me up and thanks to all the new followers that stop by to have a look at my swatches and to read my comments about every polish I present.

In order to properly thank you, I will give away all the Catrice Limited Edition "Out of Space" Collection since I've noticed many people are interested in it!

"Out of Space" is a Limited Edition (Summer 2011) that consists of 4 nail polishes. Three of them are dark green:
  • a very dark shimmery green,called Moonlight Express,
  • a lighter teal peacock green, Houston’s Favorite,
  • a dark green with a semi matte finish (Suede finish), Beam Me Scotty!
and the 4th polish, My Milkyway, is a "colour changing top coat" according to Catrice.

For swatches of this collection, please go here (full review and swatches) and here (Beam Me Scotty).

Please fill out the form ONE TIME per person, multiple entries will be disqualified.
YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER of my blog to enter!! (New followers are always welcome!)

**You automatically get ONE entry for filling out this form.
**Bonus SECOND entry to blog and/or put a link with a picture in your blog sidebar (both are not mandatory but very appreciated ;D )
**Bonus THIRD entry for posting about this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter (both are not mandatory but very appreciated ;D )
**Bonus FOURTH entry for LIKING "Nailderella" on Facebook.
In total, you have a maximum of FOUR entries per person. 
Giveaway will end on September 18th 2011. Good luck to everyone and once again, thank you!!
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Zoya - Tiffany


As I broke 2 nails on my swatching hand when I came back from holiday, I will show you pictures I took before........when my nails were all right ;D So I will have to wait a little before trying and showing my new polishes from Korea...saaaaaaad!!

But I have great stuff to show so it's also fun!

My nail of the day will be Tiffany from Zoya Fire & Ice Collection (Winter/Holiday 2010).  Tiffany is a peachy, coppery polish with a gorgeous gold shimmer and a foil finish. The color is a rather neutral color (not too much in your face) but the bright shimmer makes it more special and interesting. I like this kind of shades when you want something subtle yet unique.

Application was super easy, it's not too thick nor too thin. You get easily a smooth and even look.  So the formula of this polish was great. I applied 3 coats.

Tiffany (Zoya), 3 coats, without top coat

Tiffany (Zoya), 3 coats, without top coat
Tiffany (Zoya), 3 coats, without top coat

Tiffany (Zoya), 3 coats, without top coat, with flash. So sparkly!!!!!
Tiffany (Zoya), 2 coats, low sun. Really interesting texture.

*You can click on the pictures to enlarge them*

Final verdict: I ended up liking this polish a hundred times better than I tought I would. From the swatches and comments I saw I tought it was not that great but OMG I was really impressed by it and it's now among my favorites. I'm glad I ordered it. The color and finish are really interesting and was so easy to apply that I really love it.
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My latest bead/accessory project

Aside from nail art, I also like to make personalized accessories for my family and friends. Here are some of them. Hope you like it! God Bless

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