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It's been a while, isn't it? But I'm back from holiday and I have a huuuuuge amount of nice stuff to share with you.
So as I already told you I went to Seoul and I definitively think that every polish addicted should go there at least once in her life. It's a polish paradise, believe me.
I've decided to present you my Korean haul by brand cos there are a lot of great and nice Korean nail polish brands among them Nfu Oh, Konad, Etude House, Missha and others.

So let's start with the more popular and beloved Nfu Oh!

Nfu Oh Salon around Ewha Women's Univ. staition

 I will write 2 separate posts for Nfu Oh because there are too many things to say and share with you. So 1st post will be about the Nfu Oh shop and the second one will be about my haul. Ready?

Nfu.Oh Nail
9F Dehyun-Dong 37-39, Sodemun-Gu, Seoul, Korea 120-808
서울시 서대문구 대현동 37-39 쥬라기타워 9층 엔퓨오네일
Phone 393-0199
Fax 393-0363
How to get there:
Take the subway line number 2, get off at Ewha Women's Univ. staition and then take exit 2. Then follow the map underneath.

This is the map that will help you finding Nfu Oh shop (building shown on the map). The Nfu Oh Salon is in the same area. It's just one street before the shop (parallel street).

The building you should spot.
9F means heaven, right?

And some pictures of inside this amazing shop. 

Five shelfs full of Nfu Oh polishes!! All the holo and flakies were there waiting for me to pick them

Nfu Oh is mostly known for its gorgeous polishes but they also do glitters, have lovely hand lotions and a whole line of gel polishes.

Loose glitters

Perfumed hand lotions

Nail art brushes, nails files, gel

About the prices:
In this official shop, regular polishes are between 7500-8400 won (abt 6.9-7.8$) and holo are 10500 won. (9.8$) Polishes are in reality a little more expensive but they do some discount for foreigners. Also be aware that if you buy Nfu Oh polishes elsewhere in Seoul, you will find them for more expensive prices. For examples, I found some in Dongdaemun shopping area for 15000 or 20000 won (18.7$). So if you're in Seoul and want some Nfu Oh polishes, you should definitively go the official shop.

Next post will be about my haul~
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