Nfu Oh Haul and First Swatches

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As promised here is my Nfu Oh haul! For the article about the Nfu Oh Store, go follow this link.

It was a bit difficult to chose which polishes I wanted to buy because there were so many gorgeous polishes available. I know I absolutely wanted to buy some holos and flakies and there were also some awesome multichromes that I didn't know but looked gorgeous in the bottle.

87, 122, 95, 54, 65, 61, 63, 49, 83, 45, 51, Aqua Base

Close up of this amazing bottles.

87, 122, 95, 54
I don't own many green or blue polishes so this was a good occasion to get some of these colors.
(Yeah, I already used #95...)

65, 61, 63
 They don't seem to be that holo in the bottle but that's a totally different story on the nails.

49. 45, 83, 51

OK, I was so impatient to try them that I swatched them on fake nails...unfortunately I don't have any nail wheels so I did as I could....and these pictures don't do any justice to the polishes...but this is just a first rought to get an idea...I'll do proper swatches on my nails and you will be able to see the polishes better...

These are more complex shades IRL. They have some multichromes hidden in them...For example, #95 has some blue, green, gold and pink! So I will HAVE to show you better swatches of these ones!

You can click on the picture to get a bigger image.

Holo, here I am!

And I also picked some hand lotions because they looked so cute and the smell is really sweet and enjoyable. Each bottle contains 30 mL. And the pack with the 12 bottles costs 32000 won (29$).

This is a pack of 12 little cute bottles.

Each hand lotion bottle is designed as the polish bottles. So cute >v<
And I got some nail files as a gift but forgot to take some pictures...XD
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