Korea Sparkling

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Tadaaam~ I'm at least on holiday and I'll be flying to Seoul tomorrow. Yay. I'm looking forward.
So in order to celebrate it, I did a Korean inspired mani.

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I tried to recreate the Korean symbol that is called "Samtaegeuk (삼태극 or 三太極)" with a swirl water marble and I free handed the Korean flag...


The "Samtaegeuk" is a variant of the UmYang symbol. The UmYang symbol (that corresponds to the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol) is the symbol found at the center of the Korean flag. Here the red represents Um, the blue represents Yang, and the yellow represents Chong. Um and Yang represent opposing yet balanced forces such as day and night, hot and cold, masculine and feminine. Chong represents mankind. The Samtaegeuk as a whole represents the balances between these opposing forces and mankind's influence on and harmony with those balances.

For the swirl water marble I followed Tartofraises's instructions. If you don't know her, check her videos because she makes great tutorials.

I really enjoyed doing this water marble so I think I will do other water marbles in the future.
I'll be away until the 19th of August but I have some articles ready so I'll try to regularly publish articles and to follow your blogs, too.
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