Winter 2010 Nail Art Trends

The latest fashion for your nails is a beautiful manicure with a clean design in bold colors! This is what the runway and celebrities are all wearing into 2010. There are many stylists who are showing off their graphic art skills today that will make next year amuch more colorful and interesting fashion year.

Winter 2010 Nail Art Trends-3First, get manicure! Women everywhere are getting their nails professionally done and you should not be left out. Think of it like a hand doctor and go relax a little while they take care of your hands and nails! You will surely make an impression at all of the holiday events you will be attending, and it will make you proud to show off your style and personality!

Winter 2010 Nail Art Trends-2Second, if your nails tend to break, invest in a good nail strengthener and paint your nails clear. This will keep your nails well protected and less likely to break. Chips and splits in your nails can be very painful so try to avoid the problem by keeping your nails strong.

Winter 2010 Nail Art Trends-1Third, keep your hands and nails moisturized because your long nails will be less likely to break if they are pliable. Anything is better than nothing, but there are quite a few products out there specially formulated to help strengthen nails and moisturize skin. And maintain a healthy diet because that affects the health of your nails as well.

Finally, just express yourself! If your manicurist charges too much for designs, you can find many stick-on stencils to get designs done for yourself. Manicured nails with clear polish and a bold, colorful design will be all the rage this upcoming year. Don’t be left behind the fashion curve!
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