Been busy...

...with allergies and my nail course. We've learned gel and have started on acrylics. I swear, me and my partner were high last night on the fumes from acrylics. We always start out so tired and quiet and by the end of it we're giggly and hyper. No good.

Anywho, on Sunday we did one hand and then on Monday we did the other hand. I could tell that all Sunday night and Monday morning people were staring at my one hand that was done and then taking a glance at my undone hand. eep.

So here are my partner's nails (on my hand, duh) and I was playing around with some acrylic and some rhinestones. I wanted to do something easy that would be easy to drill off for class on Sunday. We get to learn how to do acrylic fills.

I hope to be posting more, but summer's been to fun and busy! Haha...
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