My nails #9: Floral Print

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well :) Sorry I haven't been posting lately. I'm learning gels in class right now and there's either gel on my nails, lifting, nails popping off or we have to remove them and they're all funky. Since we're all working on each other, we're doing a lot to our nails. It's not like getting gels and having them filled every 2-3 weeks. It's pretty much like doing a full set on a Sunday and then on Monday...yes the very next day, we're removing them and then putting on new ones. It's pretty rough on the nails, but at least we get to practice.

Well since we had our gels removed, I thought I'd do a design. I have this shirt that is a floral print (can't find it right now to show you guys tho...sorry!) so I decided to do nails to match. I really wish I had longer than 10 minutes to do it, but whatever. I had to run out of the house that day with really wet nails! Haha. Thought I'd show you guys anyway.

Up close, it looks like a bunch of blobs, but I think it looks better from afar. I really want to redo them and have more time to make more of a shape and different sizes, but I have to remove my polish for class on Sunday, so I'll have to wait until after Monday.

Anyway, I have my first "client" in my artificials class on Sunday. I'm bringing in my mom! I love her and I'm so glad she's willing to let me manhandle her nails for a few hours ;) Wish me (and my mom) luck!
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