Lovely Acrylic Nails Art Design

Not everyone has perfect nails but everyone want's to have them. So almost every salon nowadays offers acrylic nails. However, there are work at home kits that include all the ingredients needed to create this look without the cost of a salon, and if you are patient, these kits can help you achieve professional looking nails.

Lovely Acrylic Nails Art DesignLovely Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails do not damage your actual real nails, when used correctly as it is generaly thought. They are safe to use, but if misused, damage can and normally will occur. Wearing acrylic nails should be done carefully: make sure there is no area open between the natural nail and the acrylic. This will cause discoloration and ridges in the natural nail. Avoid hitting the acrylic nails on objects or peeling at the acrylic, because this will create a very indigenous space for fungus and bacteria to grow underneath. When applying the nails, always use clean instruments that are sanitized or disposable. Instruments are a perfect way to transfer bacteria and creates infections.
When wearing acrylic nails, make sure to not keep them on more then you should. 3 months is the longest that these nails should be worn, due to the natural nail’s need of moisture and freedom to breathe. If you notice that the skin around the fingers or nails is peeling, or has become discolored, it is best to get the nails off as soon as possible. Sometimes even a dermatologist should be consulted, as damage can already be taking place to the natural nail and treatment should be sought.

Lovely Acrylic Nails Art DesignLovely Acrylic Nails Art Design
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