My nail project.

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Okay, so I know some of you have been curious about my nail tech courses. I haven't really been posting about it because for a while there, it was mostly theory we were learning. About bacteria and viruses that we have to look out for, how to sanitize, the difference between sterilization (mostly in hospitals) and sanitization (spas), nail anatomy...stuff like that. Boring stuff that doesn't really want to stick in my head.

But recently, we've been doing manicures, pedicures and massages for the hands and feet. FUN! I think that the hardest thing is painting nails. I can do my own nails because I've been doing it for ages and I know the shape of my nails. But other people's? I have to try to fight the shakies. Haha. And we're not supposed to paint so that the polish doesn't touch the cuticles and it's harder than it sounds, but I'm getting better.

So recently I had to hand in a project on nail trends that are current in the nail industry now. I picked: paraffin hand and feet treatments, sculptured nails, airbrush art and, of course, 3d nail art.

So I just wanted to show you some examples of 3d nail art that I submitted. We haven't learned any nail art yet, as I am in the natural nail portion of my classes, but I thought it would be fun to add them in:

These were done with jsut white nail polish, rhinestones and pearlized plastic hearts that I got from a scrapbooking store. They were applied with nail glue.

Then I found this online, so I thought I'd borrow the design and see if I could do more advanced 3d nail art.
Hers are waaaaay more amazing, but I was really proud that I did this, since I haven't really done anything this advanced or intricate. I need to practice more. Alice in Wonderland? Fun! Alice and the bunnies were made with acrylic, the roses were just polymer clay pieces that I'd made with a mold prior to this, and added some going beads.
Okay, so that's that. If you guys have specific questions about what I'm learning in school, just ask. I'm learning so much in such little time, that I don't even know what to tell you about it all!
But I will be going to the IMATS this weekend AND the Spa and Esthetics show. So I'll have pics of the Spa show on here and the IMATS on my makeup blog. Hope you guys have a great night!
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