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I just wanted to do a quick post today about leaving comments. Feel free to close the browser window...NOW :)

So I would often find myself reading posts and looking at the pictures and think 'pretty' or 'gorgeous' and then close the window down. I realised it would only take me an extra moment or two to comment, even if it was just to write one word.  I think it is important because it at least lets the blogger know that their hard work is appreciated.

So I ask two things:
  1. BLOGGERS: Please, oh please, remove Word Verification/Captcha!!! Many followers, myself included, have difficulty reading those stupid distorted words and it really does take quite a bit of time to fill in. Not to mention I get crazy frustrated if it doesn't work the first time >.< If you're not sure if you have Word Verification on just ask your followers to leave you a comment letting you know. I thought I had it off but a lovely reader let me know that it was on and I immediately went to work finding out how to remove it (which was really simple)!
  2. READERS: Please take a moment to write a comment on blog posts that you read. Even if you find yourself thinking 'cute', 'lovely' or 'pretty', that at least let's the blogger know that someone read and appreciated their post. I'm sure they're not expecting you to wax poetic about their nail painting ability :P I understand that many of you are extremely busy and don't have the time which is why I'm asking that if you have a second free, please leave a comment even if it's just a one word response :)
I think it's important to share the blogging love by taking the time to leave a comment on any post you enjoyed. I know I appreciate it when readers leave comments on my blog so I am endeavouring to do the same :) Well that's my random ramblings for the day!
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