Malware Warning / Removal of Blogroll

I have noticed that I'm getting a malware warning when visiting some of the blogs I'm following. Apparently this is happening to many people and it is caused by a particular website that is malware infected. If you have this blog on your blog roll then your website will also show up with a malware warning.

A lovely reader sent me an email letting me know that my website was giving her a malware warning and she was nice enough to copy the warning message to me. I thought perhaps I had a link to the mentioned infected website through a giveaway link or image but the only link I could find was from my blog roll. I removed the mentioned blog from my blog roll and I was told that the message is no longer appearing.

**UPDATE: I removed my entire blog roll because the warning reappeared for a different website on my blog roll. I'm just going to remove my entire blog roll for the time being until this gets sorted out!

If you're not sure if your website had been infected you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and check the health and safety of your website. If your website is infected with malware it will let you know here and advise you on how to proceed.

All clear from Google Webmaster Tools :)

It's unfortunate that so many blogs would be losing traffic to their sites because readers are being warned away. So if your blog is getting this warning I suggest you remove the mentioned blog from your blog roll or remove your blog roll entirely if you're not sure which link is causing the warning to appear. I hope this helps others with this problem and clarifies the situation :)

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