Essie Super Bossa Nova

The other mini polish in the Essie set was also screaming my name so I had to put it on :) Also from the Essie Braziliant collection is Super Bossa Nova!

I did my usual one coat of Sally Hansen Triple Strong as a base coat. I then followed this with two coats of Super Bossa Nova. You could probably get away with only using one coat because it is very opaque but I have a habit of always using two coats. I finished my mani off with a coat of Revlon Colorstay top coat.

I was having a bit of trouble photographing this one too because it is really bright!

Essie Super Bossa Nova in Artificial Light
Essie Super Bossa Nova in Artificial Light

 And still not bright enough :(

Essie Super Bossa Nova in Natural Light
Essie Super Bossa Nova in the Shade with flash
 Ooh you can see a bit of that gorgeous shimmer I was talking about!

Essie Super Bossa Nova in the Shade

Love, love, love! Yet another shade that screams summer which I desperately need in this dreary freezing cold weather. Super Bossa Nova is a stunningly bright pink with a gorgeous subtle magenta shimmer. This shimmer also hides like that of Braziliant :( This is really beautiful! Again if you get this in the right light and that shimmer comes to play its amazing!
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