Nail Designs and Colors

Nail designs and colors: are both important factor before you choose to wear a specific design on your nails. Not only you have the chance to boost your looks, but a perfect choice of colors can help you to spark positive aura from inside. That’s why we decide to give you some tips to pick nail designs and colors.

Nail designs and colors

First of all, you need to determine how you want to decorate your nails. Do you willing to use your naturally grown nails or artificial nails, like acrylic or shekee. Please note that every option has it’s own pros and cons. The natural nails might looks great with paintings and all the nails stuffs, but there’s a great chance that you might damage your nails if you’re using wrong products. Not to mention that it would take long time to grow nails. Maintain and shape them also take very long time. On the other hand, artificial nails is very versatile. You can choose to paint it first or later after you attach it on your nails. However, since this is not a natural nails, there’s a great chance that people around you might notice that you’re wearing a fake nails. There you go, our first tips on picking nail designs and colors.

Nail designs and colors

Nail designs and colors

Next, you probably want to go to nearby salon and hear opinion from professionals. Their experience will be able to provide you with great information about colors and designs. You know that each color has it’s own characteristics. The manicurists or nail artist should be able to determine which color that will match with your current style and characteristics. This way, you should be able to pick the best nail designs and colors.

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