CND Nail Design

CND nail design. That is our main topic here today. Some of you may wonder, what is CND mean. Well, the answer is quite simple girls. CND stands fro creative nail design. It is the kind of term that most manicurist or nail artist use when they manage to develop new type of nail arts that doesn’t follow the traditional rules and designs. Today, we decide to come out with a small gallery on CND nail design.

CND nail design

One of the most popular form of CND nail design is the revamped version of French manicure. You know that traditional manicure use the gorgeous combination between pink and white colors. However, most stylist think that it is quite boring and they decide to put some attractive colors like neon and contrast combination like pink and black. If you interested, you can try some of the design that we put in here in our small gallery of CND nail design.

CND nail design

CND nail design

Please note that there are some CND nail design that require some specific type of skills and tools to create. That’s why we always suggest you to have a nice consultation with professionals. Their experience and skills will able to help you to find the best CND nail design to wear.

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