Famous Nail Designs: Tiger Stripes

Famous nail designs, we are quite sure that there are plenty of them available out there. However, instead of spending our times to discuss all of that designs, we decide to focus on one famous nail designs. It is know as Tiger design. Yes, tiger’s stripes will looks great on your nails. You can also match it with your current outfit. This way, you should be able to boost your overall appearance. Interested? Then you should read our tutorial of famous nail designs: The Tiger.

Famous nail designs

First, you need to prepare pieces of tape in form of tiger stripes design that you want to create. You can look at magazine or Internet for more inspiration. Place those tape on your nails. Usually it will take 2-5mm length tape to create a nice tiger stripes. There you go, our first step on famous nail designs tutorial.

Famous nail designs

Famous nail designs

Next, you need to grab an orange spray. Paint the part of your nails that is not covered by tapes with this color. Once you’re done with this, you need to remove the tapes. For next steps, you can use the black colors to cover the part of the nail that is not painted yet. In order to create precise tiger stripes, you might want to use a nail brush to do that. As soon as you finish, you need to use a nail polish to give a glossy and shiny looks on your nails. There you go, out tutorial on famous nail designs is done!

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