Purple glitter comparison

This is a reader request.

So here I will prensent 3 purple giltters from Essence cosmetics.
  • The first one is called "Louise" and is part of the previous Essence Twins Collection. This is a now retired shade. Her twin is Thelma, a very dark plum purple.
  • The second one is "It's purplicious" from the Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper.
  • And finally the third one is "Troy" also from the Essence Twins Collection but is still available.
So let's take a look at the picture to see how different they are.

One coat of the mentioned glitter polishes over Lucky in Lilac (Catrice).

I can't tell the difference between Louise and It's purplicious. They look exactly identical on the nails. What a good news if you missed Louise (retired now). You can grab It's purplicious instead.
They are both constituated of very fine purple glitters in a clear base with some larger light reflecting purple squares.

Troy is quite different. It has very fine purple and blue glitters and it's much more densly packed

I added a second layer of glitters to see if you could start seeing a difference between Louise and It's purplicious.

Two coats of the mentioned glitter polishes over Lucky in Lilac (Catrice).

So definitively Louise and It's purplicious are dupe. You can also see how dense Troy is. I haven't tried but with 3 coats, you may reach full opacitiy for Troy.

And I couldn't resist mattifying the glitters with Icing Matte About You.

And here is Lucky in Lilac (Catrice) alone.

Lucky in Lilac (Catrice), 2 coats, without top coat

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