Black and Red

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Today I was in a "red mood"! I chose the lovely Sarah from Zoya Fire & Ice Collection (Winter/Holiday 2010). This collection consists of 6 shimmery and glittery metallic polishes.

Sarah is described by Zoya as 
Pearls of dark fuchsia, red-violet and ruby tones in a bright sparkle finish.  A very rich and different shade of cool red sparkle that will stand out in a crowd. 

It's a really rich and deep red, you know this kind of red that is getting a little darker on the edges of the nails. It's really really sparkly (much more than the pictures can show, beleve me). It has a foil/metallic finish (but with a lot of sparkles). It somehow reminds me of OPI Let Me Entertain You except LMEY is more fushia toned and Sarah is more red toned. But they have the same kind of finish and sparkles.

Considering the angle at which the light hits your nails, you can see some fushia undertones, even some gold. I would say that the color shifts from red to fushia according to the light.  Nevetheless, it's not a reall duochrome because it's more a gradual change and the color are not completely different.

Application was really good, I used 3 coats but I think you can go with only 2.

Sarah (Zoya), 3 coats

Here you can see here the fushia shimmer of Sarah (Zoya).

Can you see all the different shades of red here? It's due to the sparkles in Sarah but it was really hard to capture these sparkles in a picture. Belive me, it's amazingly sparkly.

After 3 days, I added OPI Black Shatter on top give Sarah a different look.
I added a medium coat of Black Shatter. I think it's the best way to have a lot of thin crackles.

Sarah (Zoya) under Black Shatter (OPI), without  flash, with top coat

Sarah (Zoya) under Black Shatter (OPI), without flash, with top coat
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