Neutral Leopard Print

I've been seeing leopard print manicures popping up on the nail polish blogosphere and finally decided to give it a go after seeing this gorgeous leopard mani over at The Giveaway Lifestyle.

I think that leopard print look great on other people but it just isn't a "me" type of thing but I wanted to give it a go just to see if I could. So taking baby steps I decided to do a neutral coloured leopard print mani.

I used my Essie Sand Tropez manicure as my base colour and then using a medium size dotting tool made random splotches using Essie Hot Coco on all my nails except my thumb and ring fingers. For my those I used Ulta3 Lily White to make the splotches. After it had dried I then used a small nail art brush  and BYS Black Satin to "outline" the splotches but not completely leaving them as "open circles". Then I added random marks in the black in the spare spaces. Finally I topped it all off with a coat of Revlon Colorstay topcoat. Unfortunately I was impatient and added my top coat to early smudging my design >.< Oh well it was my own fault :`(

So pictures...

Neutral Leopard Print in Artificial Light
Neutral Leopard Print in Artificial Light
Ooh actual sunlight today!

Neutral Leopard Print in Natural Light
Neutral Leopard Print in the Shade

I still don't think leopard print is me but I'm looking forward to trying a neon version of this :)
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