My First Jelly Sandwich!

So jelly sandwiches are everywhere in the nail community at the moment but I have yet to try one so I figured if I wanted to be a nail blogger it's about time I tried one :)

I used a coat of Ulta3 base coat and then a coat of SHE Blue Moon, a gorgeous blue jelly. Once that was dry I added a layer of BYS Diamond Glitter Aquamarine and then another coat of Blue Moon. It was finished off with a top coat of Ulta3 Non Chip.

I'm sure you want to see the photos :) I dub thee "My Precioussss"!

Blue Jelly Sandwich in Artificial Light
Blue Jelly Sandwich in Artificial Light

Want to see my pretty in the sunlight?? Huh, huh??

Blue Jelly Sandwich in Natural Light
Blue Jelly Sandwich in the Shade
WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO DO A JELLY SANDWICH!! And you guys - nail polish community - why didn't you make me do one!!! I LOVE jelly sandwiches! Not only was it super easy and super quick but it just looks gorgeous. I actually had to take a moment and stare because my nails looked that pretty. Now I'm obsessed and already planning my next jelly sandwich combo :)
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