Black & White Butterflies

I was trying out several different designs to do for Berry Polished's Black and White Nail Art Competition. As the name suggests you can enter a design but only use black and white nail polish. One of the designs I decided to try was black and white butterflies.

I started off with a Ulta3 Base Coat. I then applied 2 coats of Ulta3 Lily White to all nails but my thumb and ring finger. For those I applied one coat of BYS Black Satin. Once dry I used Black Satin and a small nail art brush to drawn butterfly wings on my index, middle and pinkie fingers and then a small dotting tool and Lily White to draw dots. Then for my ring finger I used Lily White for the wings and Black Satin for the dots.

I wanted to do something different on my thumb so I stamped with the flower design from M26 and the butterfly design from M20 in Konad Special Polish White.

Butterfly Design from M20 (Image from ICNA)

Flower Design from M26 (Image from ICNA)

Finally I topped it all off with Ulta3 top coat. Ooh and then I smudged a nail which I tried to fix :'( Lol and I broke both sides off my thumbs!! :'''''''(

But here are the photos anyway :)

Black & White Butterflies in Artificial Light
Black & White Butterflies in Natural Light
Black & White Butterflies in Natural Light
Black & White Butterflies in the Shade
Black & White Butterflies in the Shade
I don't like how this turned out. My white wasn't opaque enough against my black and I was too impatient to let everything dry completely between each step. I think these butterflies look better on longer nails where I can make the outline of wings thicker so the dots fit on better.
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