Red and Black Nails

Yay it's my birthday tomorrow!!! Ok random :)

I have been wanting to try vertical studs down the nail since I saw this post by Aly Loves Lacquer. Therefore I decided to use black rhinestones (2mm) down my ring fingers on both hands. I had originally planned on doing all nails but quickly realised I wouldn't have enough rhinestone. I wanted to add a bit of glitter so I applied a layer of Spoiled Shuffle The Deck onto my thumbs. I topped these nails off with Ulta3 Non Chip top coat. Note to self: don't ever use this top coat just before bed! Even with drying drops it indented so badly >.<

I actually wore my nails like this for Mothers Day which may sounds horrible but it matched my dress perfectly :)

Red and Black Nails in Artificial Light
Red and Black Nails in Artificial Light

I had been dying to try out the gradient techique by The Nailasaurus and with Diablo 3 newly released what other colours could I choose but red and black :) So I used China Glaze Poinsettia and BYS Black Satin and applied them to a piece of paper and then mixed the two where they joined. I then sponged this onto my other nails.

Again I only have photos in artificial light because of the terrible weather :(

Diablo Nails in Artificial Light
Diablo Nails in Artificial Light
I love this gradient technique! I honestly can't wait to do this again with the red/black gradient on all my nails I loved it that much :)
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