Blue Patchwork Mani (Pic Heavy)

I've made a list of nail designs that I want to attempt and next up I chose this patchwork mani from Chloe's Nails.

I followed the tutorial for the patchwork manicure, taping off sections and then applying a coat of China Glaze Calypso Blue, a dark blue creme, to the nail. Then I applied a layer of Seche Vite to hurry the drying time. Once it was dry I taped off each nail as shown in the tutorial by Chloe's Nails and applied China Glaze Bahamian Escape, a light blue creme, to the taped off sections.

So at this point it looked like this:

Blue Patchwork
Unfortunately the tape I was using doesn't stick down very well and I didn't have any better tape handy :( So instead I kept using it and just used a brush dipped in nail polish remover to try and neaten up the lines, since I had applied a SV coat I didn't have to worry about the layer of polish beneath coming off.

To fix up my lines I applied silver striping tape along the lines and then applied a coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine. So onto the pictures! Please ignore the lint? hair? unknown thread I managed to get stuck onto my index finger on my right hand :(

    Left Hand
Blue Patchwork in Artificial Light - Left Hand

Blue Patchwork in Artificial Light - Left Hand

    Right Hand
Blue Patchwork in Artificial Light - Right Hand

Blue Patchwork in Artificial Light - Right Hand

Then in natural light I have these photos

Blue Patchwork in Natural Light - Right Hand
Blue Patchwork in Natural Light - Left Hand
Blue Patchwork in Shade - Left Hand
My biggest complaint is that I only had normal scissors laying around so every time I tried to cut the tape to length I would pull the tape up! This was a lesson in frustration itself!! I really need to get a pair of cuticle trimmer scissors so they're small and can get close to the tape instead of pulling it up. I also applied my top coat too soon since it was really late at night and smudged the colours onto my tape >.<

So other than the trying to trim the tape I really love the idea I had for this mani :) Oh and I should have used a thick coat of Seche Vite over the tape because since I couldn't cut the tape to length the excess caught on EVERYTHING!! Eventually I just pulled all the tape off :)
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