Hi guys, Good morning! I made a nail art yesterday, but I haven't got time to upload it because of my busy sched.. I made a milksnake manicure using bm215, my second design using new bundle monster image plate.. Here's a bit of trivia about the milksnake..

The milk snake or milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum; French: Couleuvre tachetée; Spanish: Culebra-real coralillo, Lithuanian: Pieninė gyvatė)[1] is a species of king snake. There are 25 subspecies among the milk snakes, including the commonly named scarlet kingsnake (L. t. elapsoides).[1] The subspecies have strikingly different appearance, and many of them have their own common names. Some authorities suggest that this species may be split into several separate species.[1]
Milk snakes grow 20 to 60 inches (51 to 150 cm) long.[1] They have smooth and shiny scales and their typical color pattern is alternating bands of red-black-yellow or white-black-red. [1] However, red blotches instead of bands are seen in some populations.[1] Some milk snakes have a striking resemblance to coral snakes and this mimicry (known asBatesian mimicry) likely scares away potential predators.

Hope you like it! God bless you all!

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