Misa Um You're Too Delicious

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Since it's the World Cup and all, I'm trying out my orange polishes to see if there is one suitable for a manicure when The Nederlands will be playing. This time: Misa Um You're Too Delicious, which was part of my swap with Linda :)

Um You're Too Delicious orange neonUm You're Too Delicious Orange neonMisa Um You're Too Delicious, three coats in daylight. Um You're Too Delicious is a jellylike orange neon. I didn't even know it was possible, but it certainly looks that way! Normally neons dry matte or satin, but this one dries absolutely shiny with a jellylike finish. I like it! Please believe me when I say that this polish is WAY brighter irl.

Application was fine, but drying time was not. It took forever to dry and when I tried to stamp it, over an hour later, it still wasn't dry and I ended up taking it off because the stamping ruined my mani. Also, I suspect that this is the only Misa I own that is not B3F and that this causes the polish to smell really bad (I will check the ingredients later today to be sure). I will try her once more this week or next week, to see if it works better :)

So now I wonder: what's your favorite orange polish?

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