Lashes Promo...just for you!

Hi everyone! Okay, so I've got a great deal for all you lash lovin chicks (or dudes) out there. There is a facebook store that sells everything kawaii, Japanese for cut, called Kawaii Deco Store (you might need a facebook account to log in). So you guys know my blinged out phone? You guys can create your own phone deco with cute pieces and rhinestones that they sell. They have fimo canes. They have tons of stuff...

Including lashes. You guys can check them out here:

Lashes 1
Lashes 2
Lashes 3
Lashes 4
Lashes 5
Lashes 6
Lashes 7

So the deal is, any of you lovely readers who purchase eyelashes with the promocode: "makeupbabble " will receive 5 FREE eyelashes when you purchase 2 boxes (20 eyelashes); of which, you can choose up to 4 different designs! This means, it's about $0.80 a pair!

(Offer Ends: JUNE 20th, 2010 11:59PM EST, payments must be received before this time to take advantage of this offer. Sorry, no exceptions.)

Think about that. $0.80 a pair. You can get drunk, come home, mash your face into your pillow, fall asleep and when you wake up in morning with a ruined pair lashes stuck to your cheek you don't have to feel bad about it!

Thanks to Joyce at the Kawaii Deco Store, who you can also check out here on her blog.
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