Update and job interview.

Hi guys! Long time no talk...oops. Bad blogger. I've been so busy with school, my daughter in finishing up school (she graduated from preschool last week) and randomly found myself applying for a job...

So yah, school. I had a written exam this past Monday. It was on anatomy and on nail disorders...I had to revisit grade 10 high school science again. Yuck. And I had to memorize names like leuchonychia, onychatrophia...a ton of those and what they are, look like, causes, treatments. **sigh** But I studied a lot these last few weeks and felt ready. So we were given an hour and I finished it in 14 minutes. I think I may have studied too much if that's possible. And I got 100%. It was easy...I guess I could have spent a bit less time studying and a bit more blogging for you guys. Sorry!

And I have my practical exam this Sunday. Which means I have to do a timed manicure and a timed pedicure. Yikes! Wish me luck! Looks like I"m going to have to practice on my hubby! Mee hee hee. Such a sport he is. (Should I give him some siren red nails?) Then on Monday I move to the artificial nail part of my program.

About the job, my teacher mentioned on Sunday that there was a job available and that they were willing to accept students, as well. I thought, well, let's enquire and see what she says. I emailed that night and in the morning she called and asked if I could come in for an interview...that day. I was like, no I have school (and no resume!). So I quickly typed one out and had the interview today. It went okay, pretty well in my eyes. I don't know, my last job interview was 8 years ago. HA. Seriously.

She said that I would learn about waxing and all that, too, if I were to get a job there. And massage. I think that'd be cool though. But not really what I'm interested in. They sell makeup too, so I think that was a bonus that she knew I did makeup.

She asked me if I did gel nails and I told her, no but I will be starting the artificial part of my program on Monday, but I told her I did play around with gel on myself. She was like, great! Why don't you do a gel nail with a tip on me...just one nail. I just about hyperventilated. I did it though. And as nervous as I was, it was a pretty decent job. She said it was really good for having no training, so I was happy about that. Then I had to paint one nail, I think she just wanted to see if I was able to do it. No basecoat, no top coat, just colour.

I think the interview went pretty well, but she has 2 other interviews to do and I'm sure I won't get the job cuz I'm sure at least 1 of the other 2 will be a nail tech. Why choose a nail tech over a student? I wouldn't. But I think it was great experience going through the interview process. I know what to expect now. She said she'd call next week once the interviews are over, but I'm not holding out hope. And I wasn't really looking for a job to be honest, I think it just seemed like such a good oppotunity at the time!

Anywho, I thought that clean, simple nails would be the best. I chose SpaRitual's Idyllic (cream) for my nails. I applied Orly's base coat first, then 3 coats of the Idyllic (it's a sheer...we use it for our french manicures in class) and 2 coats of Seche Vite fast drying top coat. I wanted my nails to look like shiny pieces of candy...It must have worked cuz she asked if I did my "gel nails" myself. I was like, it's just polish!

It's really natural and I like the way that looks from day to day. I have my nails really short right now, cuz I have to have fingertip length nails for my exam.

Anyway, I'll have another tutorial up for you guys soon on how we were taught to paint nails. Bye for now!

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