Elegant Nail Designs

Elegant nail designs must be very welcome ideas for anyone of you who want to attend formal event like dinner gala or prom party. Most of this kind of nail design involve the use of smooth colors like black, maroon, or dark blue. Off course you can look for some reference for elegant nail designs on the Internet or magazine. But if you want to look at the best, then you should look at our small gallery here. In addition, we are also provide you with some great tips and guide for elegant nail designs.

Elegant nail designs

First things first. In order to make a good elegant nail designs, you need to make sure that your nails are free from any dirt’s or leftover material from the previous designs. To check if there’s any cuticles, you can use nail file. In order to remove the nail polish completely, you need to use the proper remover product. Let the nail dry for couple of minutes and you should be able to create a new elegant nail designs.

Elegant nail designs

Elegant nail designs

In order to make your elegant nail designs last longer, you need to create at least two layers of nail coating. Make sure that you’re using the proper brush to do this job. When you’re done, you need to grab your desired colors. It could be black, maroon, or darker blue. If it’s necessary, you can match it with your current outfit or dress. Start to paint your nails with the colors that you already pick. Let them dry for couple minutes and repeat the similar step twice. This will make a solid coating on your nails. Soon after it’s dry, you can add some protective coat to make everything intact. You are also free to add extra accessory like stones or jewelery. This way, you should be able to create a nice elegant nail designs.

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