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Some people sharing their love on Zoya Facebook Page wanted to see a comparison picture of Dannii and Zara. They seem indeed quite close in the bottle but are really different on the nails!

Here are some pictures to show you the differences between these 2 gorgeous nail polishes! I've also added 2 other Zoya purple polishes I have, i.e. Yasmeen and Mimi. This is 3 coats for all nail polishes, without any top coat so that you can see the different finishes better.
Application was perfect for all. Nevertheless Dannii was slightly more difficult to work with but application was still flawless.

Index: Zara
Middle finger: Dannii
Ring finger: Yasmeen
Pinkie: Mimi

You can see the difference in color and in finish! Zara on the left, Dannii on the right.

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them!

As you can see on the pictures, Zara is lighter and softer than Dannii. 
Compared to Dannii, Zara tends to lean towards pink. 
The finish is also different, Zara has a softer, smoother finish while Danni is more foil-like with a metallic finish.
Zara is also a bit sheer with a kind of jelly texture, but with 3 coats you can easily achieve full opacity. Dannii is more opaque, you only need 2 coats.
Zara is an incredible duochrome nail polish that flashes gold very strongly. It's very soft, sophisticated and work appropriate, I believe.
Dannii with its kind of metallic finish and its beautiful purple color with red and gold shimmer is really a stunning polish as well!
Yaseem leans towards burgundy and has a very smooth glass-like finish.
Mimi leans towards blue but is still more purple than blue, I think. It's a very glittery and shimmery nail polish.

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