Candy Mani (part 2)

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Candy Manis look so fun and pretty I wanted to try another one. In fact, I tried 2 different candy manis today. I'll post one now and the other later.

So for the first one, I used Absolutely Alice (OPI) as the glitter polish. Absolutely Alice is one of the most gorgeous glitter nail polishes I own. It is part of the "Alice in Wonderland Collection" which was launched in 2010 and inspired by Alice in Wonderland the movie.
I already wrote a small post about this gorgeous nail polish here but as I changed my way of taking pictures, I will add just some pix to show you all the beauty of the polish! It's basically a royal blue glitter polish in a clear base. The glitters are so densely packed that it's easy to reach full opacity in 2 or 3 coats. There are also some gold glitters that remind Alice's gold hair. 
Application is really good. The removal of the glitters might be a bit difficul as with every glitter nail polish but the overall result is so gorgeous that I don't care spending some more time to take them off.

Here, I used 2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop (OPI) and then 2 thin coats of Absolutely Alice.

2 coats of Asolutely Alice (OPI) over 2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop (OPI)

2 coats of Asolutely Alice (OPI) over 2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop (OPI)

2 coats of Asolutely Alice (OPI) over 2 coats of Ski Teal We Drop (OPI)

Then comes the jelly/sorbet part. I used 3 different jelly/sorbet nail polishes to achieve 3 different colors. Here are the polishes are used:
- 25 Glisten Up! (Essence): It consists of a light blue base with really fine silver glitters and larger green glitters. The green glitters look rather like flakies. The overall effect is a light green/teal effect.

- In The Spot-Light Pink (OPI): This lacquer is part of the "Femme de Cirque Collection" launched for Spring 2011. It has a sorbet finish and is really sheer. Concerning its color, it's a very light baby pink, but very sheer as I said. So it gives a milky and glossy finish to the nail polish you applied on.

- Guy Meets Gal-veston (OPI): is part of the "Texas Collection" launched for Spring 2011 as well. It's a coral sorbet.

Base color: Ski Teal We Drop (OPI) + 2 coats of Asolutely Alice (OPI) +
Index: Guy Meets Gal-veston (OPI), 2 coats
Middle finger: In The Spot-Light Pink (OPI), 2 coats
Ring finer and pinkie: 25 Glisten Up! (Essence), 2 coats

I really like the overall effeect! It's so shiny, glossy and juicy looking and moreover very sparkly due to Absolutely Alice's glitters!
For index and thumb: Guy Meets Gal-veston makes Asolutely Alice purple and the gold and blue glitters turned to pink. The above pictures don't do any justice to this because in reality it's much more sparkly and you can see a lot (really a lot) of pink glitters. Much more than what you can see in these pix. And it looks really dark purple and not blue.

For middle finger: the final look is a blue jeans color with gold and blue glitters. In The Spot-Light Pink changes the royal blue of Absolutely Alice into a more cooled down blue but it's still really pretty because it now looks like jeans! It also gives more shine and a juicy and glossy finish.

For ring finger and pinkie, 25 Glisten Up! gives a so pretty final look by adding some green flakies to the base polish that now looks green/blue. It reminds me of mermaids and the caribbean sea.

25 Glisten Up! (Essence)

This is one of  my all time favorite mani!
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