Holo time! Gem by Nubar

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Here is my mani of the day! This is the gorgeous Gem from the "Nubar Prism Collection", a gorgeous collection of 8 holographic glitter polishes: Spark (a pale beige), Jewel (dark brown), Brilliant (medium pink), Essence (coral), Absolute (light blue), Treasure (grape purple), Prize (berry pink), and Gem!
This collection was realised for Spring 2010.

According to Nubar...

Inspired by the colorful play of light through a prism, those bands of light and color are embodied in nubar’s Prism Collection. Each shade in the Prism Collection is filled with holographic glitter reflecting every color of the rainbow, with base colors just as varied, ranging from subtle neutrals to vivid pink to pale blue. Going a step beyond holographic nail lacquers, nubar’s Prism Collection is a celebration of color and light. As all nubar products, they are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and (DBP) phthalate, as well as vegan and cruelty free.

So here is Gem!
2 coats of Gem (Nubar) with an accent finger with Red Shatter (OPI), with flash
I suggest you click on the photo to enlarge it and see the details better!

So Gem is a hard-to-define and very interesting color. It's a light taupe base that leans towards muted mauve/pink with peachy reflects. In the shade it looks more taupe while in the sun it looks more peachy.  So I would call it a duochrome nail polish! The color is awesome. I can't find any other polish that is close to it. Totally unique to my collection! ;D
The holo effect is due to its very rich and dense glitters that reflect all the colors of the rainbow. Nevertheless, the color you can see the most (even if the light is not so strong) is green and red.
The holo effect is the strongest when the sun hits your nails and when your nails are in movement. So it's not so easy to show with "static pictures" the whole beauty of this polish.
A top coat was useful to even the slighly gritty finish. The polish dries into a lovely satin finish. It's not really glossy but a top coat helps a lot for this.
The application was flawless which is due to its very nice formula! The first layer was a bit sheer but with 2 coats you can easily achieve full opacity.

2 coats of Gem (Nubar), this is the most color-accurate picture.

2 coats of Gem (Nubar) with flash.

Its more taupe side.

Sparkles, sparkles and sparkles! In real life, it's even more sparkly!

You can click on the pictures to enlarge them! You will be able to pick the details and the holo particles better!

I took several pictures so that you can see the different colors the base color can take (taupe - peachy pink).

Final verdict: Gem is a must-have for every holo lover becaue it's so unique. The color is really pretty and not so in-your-face. It would nearly be work appropriate because it's a kind of neutral color. Nevertheless, the color is so original. I haven't seen any taupe that shifts towards muted mauve-peachy color in the sun  (duochrome) so far. The holo is really strong and makes your nails shine like crazy with thousands of glitters that reflects all the colors of the rainbow. It feels like you have jewels on your nails! ;D

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