Franken with sparkling glitter powder!


Today I wanted to play with glitters and create a super glittery nail polish! This is my very 1st Franken polish! :p I hope you will like it!

Franken using NYX - GOG23 Disco Ball Sparkling Glitter Powder and a Clear Top Coat (Essence)
The picture might seem a bit blurry but it is not. Only the nails look like that. This might be due to the over sparkly nail polish that gave a hard time to my camera that couldn't  manage so many glitters at a time! Even in the dark and without flash, it sparkles like crazy!

In fact, I bought some time ago a beautiful sparkling glitter powder bottle from NYX called "GOG23 Disco Ball". This is sincerely the most sparkly thing I've ever seen in my all life! This is just crazy! The glitter powder looks silver with a tones of glitters that reflect the light to give a beautiful rainbow pattern. The different colors are really strong. They bump into your eyes! Impossible not to notice them.

As this was my first Franken, I tried to do it on a small glass plate and not in a full polish bottle.
For this I started to put some glitters, about half of a tea spoon on the plate and then added a few drops of clear nail polish. Then I mixed everything with a toothpick and applied it on the nails.

Here is a picture of my preparation desk.

NYX - GOG23 Disco Ball Sparkling Glitter Powder - Clear Top Coat (Essence)

And now, let's watch the final result!


This was insanely sparkly! I did it on bare nails but I guess it would look even better on a dark base color like dark blue.

Then I added some stamping (BM 19) and did an accent nail with OPI Black Shatter.

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