Gifts ♥ and NOTD ☻

Here are some nail art related stuff I received last Christmas from my hubby, friends, and online buddies! Thanks guys..
the Bear Fing'rs nail polish! That came from my hubby! love them all.. love the bottle, super cute! I love collecting different bottles of nail polish!! ☻

Adorable Bears ☻

and Lovely kittens! ☻

glow in the dark nail polish!

I also made a mani using hb 24, I think it looks like stationary.. Hehehe...
Some stuff which were given to me by Thriszha of Fab Ur Nails! Thank you very much sis! You are very sweet. Thanks for the friendship! But I wasn't able to take a pic of the other stuff that Thriszha gave me..

Christmas gift given by
Bless.. Thanks sis for being thoughtful and kind! Love it!
Thanks sis Katherine! for the color club nail polish! Love all the colors! mwaaaah
and last but not the least... swap items! thanks sis Eina!
Thank you very much guys! hugs and kisses! :D
My nail art work station.. I will post the contents on my next post..
Hope you like them! God bless you all!! ☻
P.S. Thanks Shey for the cake that you sent, I wasn't able to take a picture of the cake coz we already ate it before I could even get hold of my camera... Hehehe...
*thanks Tsiisfamke of nails for fun for the Stylish Blogger Award!! ♥

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