Hi guys,sorry I've been MIA for a while.. I've been busy with my family and relatives and with my new hobby photography... Anyway, Christmas is just around the corner, one
week to be exact... One week before the birthday of our savior Jesus Christ... How do you celebrate your Christmas? AsChristians, we celebrate it by praising and thanking Jesus Christ for coming and saving us all from our sins... That is how much he loves us... It's time for us to return his kindness and love... Most of us celebrate Christmas by spending time with our loved ones, exchanging gifts, and being kind to others... We sometimes overlook the real meaning of Christmas. It is the birthday of "Jesus our Lord and Saviour". We should praise, greet, and thank HIM first before we do all the other stuff we got used to doing every Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope the true spirit of Christmas be upon us everyday!
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