wedding reception

wedding reception
wedding reception
wedding reception
wedding reception

The marriage ceremony has just got over. The formalities have been done. The certificates signed. Now its party time guys! It’s the time to celebrate the grand wedding in style and grandeur. After all it is the reception of the newly weds.
A wedding reception is the time when the newly wed first time appears as a couple in front of the guests to seek their blessings and good wishes for an eternal married life. Reception is the time for eating, drinking and swaying your booty on foot tapping numbers.

The location of the reception should be chosen with utmost care, keeping in mind the comfort of your guests. It needs to be centrally located where your kith and kin can easily reach. The venue could be in a garden setting, a hotel, a grand palace or simply an open space. It should have its own ambience. The place must be sprawling with parking facility available. You need to have a back up in case it rains.
Reception costs around 50 % of the total expenses of the marriage and is borne by the bride’s family. The planning is done well in advance. Planning a wedding is a meticulous and time consuming affair.

The various aspects of the celebration are food, drink, the wedding cake, decoration, the dance, photography, thank you gifts, favors and the speeches made by various people at the wedding. The place needs to be decorated tastefully. You can use fountains, potted plants, drapery, ribbons, balloons etc to adorn the place. Heart shaped balloons can add a fanciful element in the party.

Fabric such as tulle, gossamer or silk could be used for drapery.
Flowers make the occasion and venue auspicious. They are inseparable part of any wedding. Soft flowers give an ambience of aromatic thrill to any party.
You can beautify the place with aromatic candles or floating candles in bowls with rose petals which emanate fine aroma in the vicinity. To solemnize the event shower the newly wed with flowers.

In Indian settings torans ,diyas, rangolis add an element of piousness in the feast.
The lighting of the place needs to be taken care of. Lights can transform your venue into something magical and pleasant. The food can be a buffet system or a laid out dinner. Arrange for some light snacks which your guests can relish.Before you eat, the Best man makes a toast to the newly wed couple. Then the speeches by father of the bride follow.
Then is the time to slip into your dancing shoes and enjoy. The first dance is the bridal waltz. Then the guests follow.

The music which is played should be a blend of vintage and trendy.
The wedding cake is another attraction of the reception. It is generally 2 to 3 tiered, white foamed, supplemented by sheet cake. The couple cuts it and it is served with coffee or tea before the main course.There is a tradition of tossing of the bridal bouquet and garter Bride tosses her bouquet over her shoulders to a group of single women. Whoever catches it is supposed to be the next bride. Similarly the groom tosses the bride’s garter over single men and whoever catches it is the next to get married.
Another custom is the clinking of glasses which suggests the couple stands up and kiss. All these moments of fun and frolic must be captured in the shutterbugs which will become fond memories of the couple and his near and dear ones. The sweet table of late night buffet can start right after the tosses. The guest book is signed .You have to give thank you gifts to your guest which can be chocolates, candles, soups, picture frames etc.
After the dinner is over, the celebrations come to a happy ending.

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