Review + Some nail tips and NOTDS

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Another product for review I received came from Budgetgadgets. BudgetGadgets is an online retailer/wholesaler located in Shenzhen, China. They are selling quality electronic gadgets and services at wholesale price w/ free shipping anywhere!
They sell lots of accessories including gadgets for use at home and hobbies...
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Btw, the package includes a battery operated nail dryer and nail decorator.
In my case. It is difficult to maintain my long real nails and avoid cracks and chipping. So I used
transparent acrylic powder. 1st I applied acrylic powder on the tip of the inner part of my nails to support my long nails. Then I used the nail buffer to
flatten it and get rid of the excess acrylic powder. I'm satisfied with the nail buffer/decorator because it includes different shapes to select from
. Which ever is appropriate for your nails, it's very useful for me because it helps me easily clean up the excess acrylic powder which has hardened on my long nails.. You can't even notice that I applied acrylic support on the inner part of
my nails.. You can see the difference in the picture.. Before and after I used the nail buffer/decorator you will notice it's much smoother...
NOTE: This product was sent to me as a gift. I made this review based on my own ideas and preference on how to use them. My opinions about the quality of the said products are based on my personal judgements and the outcome of my usage.
and here are my NOTDs
Hope you like them! God Bless
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