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Modern Nail Fashion 2010With Nail Fashion, nails are no longer in the background. This is so much more than just: nails should not be yellow, or unhealthy. This is about how historically it was fashion, and now Nail Fashion, there has always been a cue about who we really are and it helps signal our perceived value. Moreover it reflects where we are financially, our status, self-esteem, physical health and obviously our appearance.

But why nails in particular? Certain body parts stand out, and are seen more than others. That's why people buy $200 shoes. They are nice, yes. And they are of course comfortable. But they also illustrate to others our persona. Nails have not yet been a big player because of the difficulty and time involved in cultivating them.

The reason a nail is so important to how we are portrayed is simple: the nails are the most common item that are in front of you every day. You see them while eating, or drinking, tying your shoes, performing different gesticulations and hand movements... the list goes on. The hands are like a billboard on the freeway. And when we dress them up, we get noticed. Instantly.

When we put on jewelry, perfume, or cologne, what have you... we are marketing ourselves to people. That takes time, thought, effort, and planning (and in the case of nails: lots of time, thought, effort, and planning!). So considering all that we should all like to get the most bang for our buck, naturally. Well as we mentioned: The NILO Nail Fashion Printer is the way to make that happen for your nails.

But here is something interesting: The reason it never happened before was not only because nails have always taken so long to do (which they did). Historically, the products themselves have been harmful to the nail. For example, nail tips of the past (acrylic, press-on nails) have all used super glue. This was extremely bad for the nail since removing them meant ripping up some sensitive areas. Not only that, but there was (and still are) some valid concerns about the danger to the health of the user as well. This is why today our products are green products - no toluene, or ethyl acetate, and they are non-carcinogenic, as well.

We also have the technology to make them part of your everyday life. It's quick. It's much healthier... and coolest of all is that we now have an unlimited design capability. We are able to match and combine with literally any of the clothes in your closet, and you can add any of the designs to a natural nail. It's just a 30 second process and it's on your finger. Yes there is a topcoat needed to protect it all, but overall it's a very quick process.

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